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  • Updated: February 24, 2023

Sports Teams Logos With Horses


Mascots and logos have become an essential part of team identity as the world of sports continues to expand and flourish. 

Animals have been utilized to signify strength and power in sports logos ranging from ferocious tigers to rushing bulls. The horse, in particular, has stood the test of time as a symbol of speed and agility.

Somehow this beloved creature inspired most athletic spirits to the point that teams are deciding to create a logo with a horse. 

In this article, we will take a look at three sports teams that have adopted the horse as their mascot: the Denver Broncos, the Syracuse Stallions, and AE Larissa FC. 

We'll also offer the Indianapolis Colts an honorable mention for their homage to horsepower in their team logo.

So, if you like horse racing betting games or you are an equestrian enthusiast check out the teams that managed to build their image based on this animal.

The Meaning Behind Horses in Sports Logos
Horses have traditionally been associated with strength, power, and speed, making them a great choice for sports team logos. Horse logos express the spirit of rivalry and athleticism, whether depicted as wild and untamed, racing across fields, or rearing up on their hind legs. 

The horse is also commonly connected with independence and determination, making it an appropriate emblem for sports teams striving for excellence. 

The picture of a horse in a team emblem is a potent metaphor for many sports fans of the passion, dedication, and drive that motivates their favorite athletes.

Horses continue to play a prominent position in sports team logos, motivating fans and players alike with their spirit of strength and freedom, whether in ice hockey, football, basketball, or any other sport.

Bronco Power: The Denver Broncos
The Denver Broncos, one of the most renowned NFL teams in the sport, have long utilized a horse as a symbol of power and strength. 

The team's current logo depicts a ferocious horse rearing up on its hind legs and pawing the air against an orange and blue background. This logo represents the Broncos' speed, agility, and uncompromising power on the field every game day.

Stallions of Syracuse: The Syracuse Stallions
The Syracuse Stallions have built a name for themselves in the world of minor league football with their bold and aggressive horse logo. 

The symbol of the Stallions depicts a stallion in mid-gallop, with its mane and tail streaming behind it. This sign represents the Stallions' speed and agility on the field, as well as their unwavering resolve to win.

AE Larissa FC: Greek Horsepower
Now we move across the ocean to AE Larissa FC in Greece which is a team that has earned a name for itself in the football world with its imposing horse logo. 

The team's insignia depicts a majestic horse standing proud and royal, surrounded by red and white. This strong and powerful sign serves as a reminder of the talents and drive that AE Larissa FC brings to the field each game.

The Mustangs of SMU
Southern Methodist University's sporting teams are known as the Mustangs, and their emblem is a red and blue rushing horse. 

This insignia depicts the Mustangs' speed and power on and off the field.

Honorable Mention: The Indianapolis Colts
Last but not least, we must recognize the Indianapolis Colts for their tribute to the strength of horses in their team logo. 

The Colts' logo is a stylized horseshoe, a tribute to the speed and good luck with which horses have long been connected. While not a horse in the traditional sense, the Colts' emblem serves as a reminder of the team's strength and power on game day.

Final Words
Finally, the horse continues to be a powerful and enduring symbol of strength and power in sports logos. 

The Denver Broncos, Syracuse Stallions, and AE Larissa FC have all embraced the spirit of the horse in their logos, embodying the speed, agility, and unwavering drive that makes sports so exhilarating to watch. 

Whether you're a fan of the NFL, minor league football, or international football, horses have had an indelible impact on sports logos and the teams they represent.

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