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  • Updated: October 03, 2023

Ten Best Jobs Available In Canada For Nigerian Non-Degree Holders

Ten Best Jobs Available In Canada For Nigerian Non-Degree Ho

The wave of Nigerians still relocating to Canada for greener pastures isn't diminishing nor will it diminish any time soon. 

The cost of living in Nigeria for the past several months has even worsened the situation, igniting the number of Nigerians leaving the country for a better standard of living to skyrocket. 

Canada seems to be the destination for several Nigerians relocating from Nigeria. 

Canada has become the best alternative as the country welcomes foreigners to work and reside as long as it is legal and not criminally based. 

Many Nigerians relocate to Canada because of the wide range of job opportunities available and as well as the good pay that comes with these job opportunities.  

In today's listicle, our focus is on Nigerian non-degree holders who are relocating or planning to relocate to Canada for greener pastures and have been wondering what job will be available for them since they do not possess an educational degree.  

With that in mind, we have curated ten of the best jobs available for Nigerian non-degree holders who are already in Canada and those who are considering relocating to the country. 

1. Translator

Average annual salary: $57,602

Whether it be in written or auditory form, translators translate information from one language to another. 

Ensuring the translation conveys the same tone and meaning as the original is the aim. 

A translator could be asked to translate text, mediate a conversation between two speakers of different languages, proofread, or create video subtitles. 

A university degree is not necessary to work as a translator, however, one in a particular language could be useful. 

2. Truck Driver

Average annual salary: $47,053

Given how quick it is to enter the profession, driving trucks is a popular career choice. 

Since there are many trucking jobs accessible, becoming a driver is much simpler. 

Depending on the particular niche, truckers must meet a variety of requirements. 

For instance, some drivers run large trucks across the nation and abroad, while others operate smaller trucks only inside the boundaries of a single city. 

Any person who wants to drive a truck, however, will require a certain driving licence to legally and securely operate the type of truck they are driving. 


3. Construction Worker

Average annual salary: $40,950

On construction sites, construction workers handle building supplies, clear rubbish, create scaffolding, and operate heavy machinery, among other activities. 

Although a high school diploma is frequently desired, no degree or other certification is necessary. 

Those without a high school graduation could be hired by some companies if they have relevant work experience.  

4. Receptionist

Average annual salary: $33,150

When someone walks into an office, they usually notice the receptionist first. 

They typically carry out administrative duties such as taking calls, directing visitors to the right place or person, supporting telecommunications and security systems, keeping appointment schedules, and arranging travel for superiors. 

In most cases, all that is required to work as a receptionist is a high school diploma or its equivalent.

5. Firefighter

Average annual salary: $61,828

Firefighters are essential to a community's safety and well-being. 

They carry out a wide range of crucial tasks, including extinguishing flames, saving people from fires and other dangerous situations, determining the cause of a fire, and assisting in the suppression of future fires.

Firefighters are required to hold a high school diploma as well as First Aid and CPR certifications. 

They must also go through and pass a background check for criminal activity, be physically fit to lift big objects and be able to operate under demanding conditions. 


6. Construction Manager

Average annual salary: $83,620

A construction manager is in charge of overseeing every stage of a project from start to conclusion. 

Their responsibilities are extensive and include assigning assignments, engaging with clients, visiting job sites, monitoring project progress, and maintaining a safe workplace.

Being a construction manager does not always require a degree, though certain employers do. Others might need prior professional expertise.


7. Miner

Average annual salary: $84,290

Miners work in underground environments and mine for minerals, such as iron, ore, and coal. 

They’re also involved in designing and building pathways to transport minerals in and out of the mines. 

The job is relatively dangerous, as they’re exposed to hazardous conditions underground and are at risk of harm due to their exposure to explosives. 

No degree is required to become a miner, though a high school diploma is typically required.

8. Car Salesman

Average annual salary: $49,500

Automobiles are sold by car salespeople, as the name suggests. But the work starts when a potential customer walks into the dealership. 

When customers enter the store, car salespeople welcome them and guide them through all of their options. 

Customers can view a variety of cars, learn about the features of each car, and ask any questions they may have.

Additionally, car salespeople accompany customers on test drives, haggle over prices, create financing documents, and assist with trade-ins.

Although the national average for auto salespeople is $49,500, many of them earn significantly more. 

The amount of money you can make selling cars is limitless, especially if you have sales acumen. 


9. Conductor

Average annual salary: $68,874

Numerous crucial tasks are carried out by conductors. 

They are responsible for joining or dividing train cars as well as directing engineers when to leave, slow down, or stop at stations. 

Additionally, they assist in the sale of train tickets, guarantee that all passengers have tickets before boarding, and keep order inside the coaches.

Despite not needing a college degree, conductors must have extensive knowledge of railway systems. 

10. Cultural Heritage Manager

Average annual salary: Up to $92,694

Typically, a Cultural Heritage Manager works for Parks Canada, a federal organisation that oversees all of the nation's national parks, conservation areas, and historical sites. 

Aspects of cultural preservation, restoration, history, archaeology, and architecture are all a part of this role. 

For this post, a high school diploma is the only educational need; however, some amount of experience, as well as familiarity with cultural resource management and cultural heritage, is typically required.   

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