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Ten Countries With Highest Cases Of Rape In The World

Ten Countries With Highest Cases Of Rape In The World

Protest against rape.

Rape is a particularly complex crime to analyse. In several parts of the world, it is very rarely reported.

Due to the severe societal shame placed on women who have experienced rape, assault, or fear of being abandoned by their families, women are far less likely to have their complaints documented in various nations.

Statistics on rape and other sexual assaults are widely available and are on the rise in developed nations. Rapes occur often but are rarely reported.

Intimate partner violence has affected 36% of women worldwide, either physically or sexually.

83% of American girls between the ages of 12 and 16 have been victims of sexual harassment in a public setting.

One in five women (aged 16 to 59) in England suffers some kind of sexual violence.

Below are ten countries with the highest rape crime in the world

10. Denmark and Finland

In Europe, one in three women has experienced physical or sexual abuse in some way, and 5% have been sexually assaulted.

According to a 2014 research by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, around 47% of women polled in Finland and 52% of women surveyed in Denmark reported having experienced physical and/or sexual abuse, respectively.

In 1994, Finland became one of the last nations in the EU to prohibit marital rape.

More than one in ten of the women examined said they had been the victim of adult sexual abuse before turning 15 years old.

One in ten had been the victim of sexual abuse since the age of 15, and one in twenty had been sexually assaulted. 

Over 1 out of 5 had experienced physical and/or sexual violence from either a current or previous partner.

Only 13 % of women reported their most serious incidents to the police.

9. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is ninth among the nations with the highest rates of rape offences worldwide. At least one woman is violated every 90 minutes.

The most recent figures from Zimbabwe National Statistics (ZimStat) show that 500 women were sexually assaulted per month, or 16 women were raped every day.

The number of cases reported increased from 1285 in the same time last year to 1524 in the first three months of this year. 

276 of the reported instances included children between the ages of 5 and 10 years, while 780 involved adolescents between the ages of 11 and 16.

As some incidents go undetected, there are worries that the number may be greater.

In Zimbabwe, the rate of child rape has increased by 42%, according to UNICEF.

According to the data, there were 2,192 incidents of child rape reported to the police in 2010, while there were 3,112 cases in 2014. 

In an atmosphere of secrecy and denial, many further incidents most certainly remained undetected.


8. Australia

The reported rape rate per 100,000 individuals in Australia is rather high. An estimated 51,200 Australians who are 18 years of age and older have experienced sexual assault in the past year.

The most recent episode of sexual assault was reported to the police by nearly one-third (30%) of the victims.

In Australia, 1 in 6 women must endure the agony of being raped by a non-partner, compared to 1 in 14 women worldwide. 

Research reported that rape occurs often against Australian women older than 15.

In the global study, Australia (which included New Zealand) placed in third place with 16.4% of women reporting being raped by someone other than a boyfriend.

70% of these sexual assaults are carried out by family members, friends, work or school colleagues.

A further 29 % of rapes are perpetrated by someone the woman meets socially or occur on a date.

Just 1% of rapes are committed by strangers, according to the research. 

7. Canada

Sexual assault had the fastest rise in reported rates in Canada among all violent offences that were reported to the police.

The nation experiences 460,000 sexual assaults annually, according to the Huffington Post.

According to the research, 29 sexual assault instances out of every 1,000 are reported to the police and are classified as crimes.

In North America, one in four women will experience being raped at some point in their lives. 11% of women who experienced this treatment suffered bodily harm.

Only 6% of instances, according to data, are reported to the police.

More than 80% of the victims are women, most attacks take place in homes, and 80% of the attackers are the victim's relatives and family.

The most disturbing fact is that 83% of disabled women will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime.

Of all sexual assault victims, 17% are girls and 15% are boys under 16.

6. New Zealand

Rape in New Zealand was made public in 2013 because of The Roast Busters scandal.

Allegedly trying to get teenage females drunk so they could be gang raped, a group of young guys from West Auckland who go by the name "Roast Busters" were caught.

New Zealand has a much greater prevalence of sexual assault than the rest of the globe, according to a survey in the British medical magazine, The Lancet.

With 16.4% of its female population, the nation ranked third overall, after Australia.

A sexual assault occurs in New Zealand every two hours, according to the Minister of Justice Publication Report.

According to current statistics, one in three girls and one in six boys are expected to experience sexual assault before the age of 16.

The number of sexual assaults increased by 20% in a year, and it doubled in schools.

In New Zealand, just 9% of sexual offences are reported to (and hence recorded by) the police.

Only 13% of the recorded incidents resulted in a conviction. 91 per cent of rapes are either not reported or the victims are coerced by the police to withdraw their allegations.

5. India

In India, rape and sexual assault are major issues. The National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) reports that during 2010, crimes against women climbed by 7.5%.

India, a nation of more than 1.2 billion people, recorded 33,707 rapes in 2013, up from 24,923 in 2012. Most rape victims are between the ages of 18 and 30.

One in ten rape victims is under 14, and one in three victims is under 18. Every 20 minutes, a woman is raped in India.

Per 2013 statistics, New Delhi has the highest number of reported rape crimes among Indian cities. 

Last year, on average four rape cases, were reported in the city. In several total rape cases, New Dehli (1,636) was followed by Mumbai (391), Jaipur (192) and Pune (171). 

Madhya Pradesh is the highest among all other states with an average record of 11 rapes every day. 

Madhya Pradesh (4,335 cases) was followed by Rajasthan (3,285 cases), Maharashtra (3,063 cases) and Uttar Pradesh (3,050 rape cases).

4. England and Wales

Rape is not a gender-neutral crime in the United Kingdom. It is a crime that can be committed by a man or a woman against another person.

Furthermore, the UK has not yet followed the trend in many other nations of categorizing actions other than penile penetration (e.g., penetration with an instrument or finger) as rape.

According to a 2013 report titled "An Overview of Sexual Offending in England and Wales" released by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Office for National Statistics (ONS), and Home Office, there are approximately 85,000 victims of rape in England and Wales each year - 73,000 females and 12,000 males, equating to approximately 230 cases per day.

According to the survey, one out of every five women has suffered some type of sexual violence since the age of 16. 

BBC also disclosed that the number of rapes reported to and documented by police is at an all-time high, up 29% while total crime in England and Wales decreases.

According to an NSPCC survey of young people (ages 13-18), one-third of girls and 16% of boys have experienced sexual assault, and up to 250,000 adolescent females are abused at any given moment.

12 per cent of boys and 3 per cent of girls reported committing sexual violence against their partners.

3. USA

According to George Mason University's Worldwide Sexual Assault Statistics, one in every three American women will be sexually molested at some point in their lives.

Approximately 19.3% of women and 2% of men have been raped at some point in their life.

In addition, an estimated 43.9% of women and 23.4% of men had been victims of various types of sexual assault in their lives.

Many victims of sexual assault were abused at a young age; around 79% were raped for the first time before the age of 25, and 40% before the age of 18. (From USAToday).

Per statistics, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted every 107 seconds.

Every year, an estimated 293,000 people (aged 12 and above) are sexually assaulted.

2. Sweden

Sweden currently has the world's second-highest rape rate, after only South Africa (53.2 per 100,000).

According to statistics, one out of every four Swedish women is a victim of rape.

The increase in rapes, on the other hand, is considerably more alarming. In 1975, there were 421 rapes reported to police; in 2014, there were 6,620.

That represents a 1,472% rise. Sweden appears to be the world's most unsafe nation for women.

In addition, Sweden has the highest rate of rape in Europe. In 2013, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå), there were 63 rape cases per 100,000 population reported to the Swedish police.

According to Swedish rape crisis campaigners, one out of every three Swedish women has been sexually abused by the time they leave their adolescence.

More than 1,000 Swedish women reported being raped by Muslim immigrants in Stockholm during the first half of 2013, with over 300 of them being under the age of 15.

1. South Africa

The country has the highest rates of rape crimes in the world, with an estimated 500,000 rape incidents each year.

More than 40% of South African women will be raped in their lives, according to estimates.

According to the Medical Research Council, just one out of every nine rapes is recorded.

As a result, the real number of rapes is far more than the number documented by the police.

South Africa tops the list of countries with the most recorded rape crimes.

The bulk of sexual violence occurs against women, however, men and children are also victims.

A survey claims that more than 4% of males have been forced to have sex with other guys. According to South African Police, 41% of all recorded rape incidents include minors.

Children under the age of 11 account for around 15% of rape victims. According to the Tears Foundation and the Medical Research Council of South Africa, 50% of South African children would be abused before reaching the age of 18.

According to another estimate, there were 24,892 rapes and attempted rapes of minors under the age of 18.​​​​​​

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