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Ten Countries With Highest Suicide Rates In The World

Nobody else but those involved would be aware of what is going through their heads just before they commit suicide.

It has been believed throughout history and in religious texts that a person's spirit can never really rest if they pass away before their time, and that this is especially true if they commit suicide or are the victim of murder.

There are certain nations with suicide rates so high that the dead haunt the entire nation.

Folklore and ghosts may continue to be a mystery that inspires enduring tales that are passed down from generation to generation.

Suicide does occur. Suicide has been perpetrated by a large number of people, from the youngest to the oldest, for a wide variety of known and unknown causes.

Below are ten countries with the highest suicide rates in the world. 

10. Kazakhstan

Suicide is one of the largest newsflash terrible incidents that happen in Kazakhstan, a nation that is rather "ghostly" to the globe since it isn't a name that would quickly spring up when thinking of Countries in general.

It is ranked tenth among the nations with the highest global suicide rates.

In Kazakhstan, 86 teenagers have killed themselves in the past five months, and because every single one of them was a juvenile under the age of 18, one can wonder under what conditions someone who isn't even of legal age would have gone as far as suicide.

The majority of these situations can be linked to widespread problems like test failure and a lack of will to confront public humiliation.

However, failure in general isn't fatal; someone would only fail if they gave up trying.

Feelings of intense loneliness fighting at school that may have incited animosity in a youngster and family difficulties are other linked events that might result in suicide among these teenagers. 

9. Nepal

The number of suicides in Nepal has been shockingly high, according to reports from the Nepali Police.

When a terrible earthquake struck Nepal once, it had such an impact that around 965 individuals chose suicide rather than being slain by one of nature's most powerful forces.

This earthquake discusses why individuals committed suicide in Nepal, including the reasons they went missing or were unable to cope with losing their loved ones during those awful incidents, among other things. 

According to police statistics from Nepal, more than 4,000 individuals commit suicide annually, with the bulk of these deaths being caused by complaints or anxieties connected to natural disasters.

The remaining deaths may be due to poverty.

Humans have little influence over natural calamities but they do have the capacity to choose not to act in ways that endanger their own lives.


8. Tanzania

No, we're not referring to the infamous "Tanzanian Demon," but there is a devil that dwells in Tanzania.

In this situation, the rising suicide rates that fluctuate year after year would be considered the "Devil."

Instead of observing a reduction, increments account for the majority of these variations.

The high suicide rate in Tanzania is enough to worry psychiatrists, physiologists, and other specialists who specialize in the "mind".

It prompts speculation and consideration of the causes of the suicide rate's rise among Tanzanian citizens.

Tanzania has the highest suicide rate and has recorded 3420 suicide fatalities in the past five years, with the majority of victims being men and women and a small number of children under the age of 18.

Some significant causes of these suicides may be linked to young females and the social issues they deal with daily, which undoubtedly causes them stress levels they can no longer handle, as well as to terminal illnesses like HIV/AIDS and others that one would prefer not to live with.

7. Mozambique

A nation that displays an Ak-47 on its flag makes the powerful statement that it is a war zone and that every man must serve in the military to be considered uncivilized in a civilization of people.

The world would see this as a sign that there is no hope. In certain areas of Mozambique, ruthlessness, aggressiveness, defence, and civil conflict are the order of the day.

As one of the most impoverished countries in Africa, Mozambique is also prone to a variety of problems and depressing circumstances that may lead to suicidal thoughts in the future.

The nation has one of the highest rates of suicide in the whole world.

Rape is a crime that happens in Mozambique as well, but less frequently than in other nations.

Because of this painful experience, some victims of rape choose to end their lives by suicide.

The "Number One Suicide Nation in Africa" is Mozambique.

Suicide is a prevalent occurrence in Mozambique since the country is so poor and prone to a wide range of chronic and fatal illnesses.

6. India

Because some Indian family customs and rigorous religious laws are so strong and painful at the same time, India is among the nations with the highest suicide rates. India has one of the world's highest rates of suicide.

Indian women, in particular, struggle the most because arranged marriages often go wrong or, in the worst-case scenario, not getting married at all brings shame to the family. 

In addition, they frequently suffer horrifying and torturous treatment, including being burned alive, dismembered, raped, murdered, or disfigured by having acid thrown on their skin.

Even if they are stunning, women in India are more likely to kill themselves immediately without hesitation than to perish in a deplorable, brutal way at the hands of cruel men or because they couldn't adhere to society's customs.

In addition to this, India is a developing nation where people struggle to make ends meet due to causes including the exploitation of children for labour, poor health, and poverty.

5. Lithuania

In terms of alarming figures, Lithuania previously had the highest official suicide rate in the world, surpassing what appeared to be Spain and the United States of America combined.

The suicide rate in Lithuania is also twice as high in rural regions, as has been documented.

People's circumstances, such as alcoholism, alcohol abuse, or drug use at dosages the body cannot handle, can affect a person's overall mindset.

This, combined with an overload of situations and circumstances that a person might be thinking of at any given time, may be enough to push someone to an early death.

In Lithuania, the level of poverty is so extreme that those who you could see on the streets, rummaging in trash cans, sleeping on pavements, or hiding beneath cardboard while wearing rags and ripped clothing have come out about how they formerly had lives and jobs and were well-fed, among other things.

However, a large part of how and why they are this way now may be attributed to the "communist past."

The majority of those who are suffering in this country don't think much about hope, and it appears that this is a key motivating factor in their decision to end their lives.

4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has one of the world's highest suicide rates, and not for the stereotypical reasons indicated above.

4,000 individuals every year, with 11 persons wiping their life from our earth every day.

If this trend continues, it will be enough to wipe out a whole community within a month or two.

Many individuals all around the world have had to deal with the onerous necessity of paying bills or debts at some point in their lives, and financial troubles may strain a person to such a degree that their depression levels skyrocket.

Unfortunately, many individuals believe that if banks cannot assist them in getting out of their predicament, and if their employees cannot pay for it, and friends and family are unable to assist, the only way out is to commit suicide.

Aside from financial issues, several factors can contribute to a person's death or suicide in Sri Lanka, which brings us back to Indian traditions, gang pressure, and not being educated enough to get a skilled job, which again cycles back to financial issues and problems being one of the most prominent and common reasons for Sri Lankans to take their lives.

3. South Korea

The majority of Asian nations are densely populated, developed, and often rather independent.

China has the greatest population in the world, which would indicate that there are too many people in Asian nations for us to be concerned about the few who commit suicide.

Well, this isn't exactly the situation.

No matter how many people live in a country, if a handful of them pass away, it would still be a significant loss to the nation.

On the other hand, South Korea is a little nation with a sizable population, which makes it more concerning when the majority of people in that small nation choose suicide.

In a hypothetical sense, it is practically on the verge of extinction, and that kind of worry raises.

South Koreans appear to be more likely than other nationalities to be intelligent, well-known, educated, and successful individuals who have a propensity for killing themselves or merely relocating to other areas of their hometown to escape their problems but fail to realize that their problems will follow them wherever they go in the world.

One may characterize this as the "not-so-intelligent" side of South Koreans.

2. Japan

With 126, 387, 171 people, Japan is one of the nations with the highest suicide rates.

25 000 suicides occurred only last year, which is three times the suicide rate in the UK.

A 71-year-old Japanese guy had a somewhat unusual manner of passing out. He physically set himself ablaze aboard a bullet train, literally terminating his life.

Japan is a big country with a lot of people, and more people often implies more difficulties.

Compared to what the other Suicide crusaders of the globe had to deal with before bringing about their deaths via suicide, the challenges that the Japanese would encounter are rather minor.

 The typical Japanese man or woman usually has more than enough reason to commit suicide due to depression and the economic crisis.

However, because of the enormous size of the Japanese population, if the majority of Japanese people had adopted the same attitude, the rate would rise like wildfire in the years to come.

These are only short-term obstacles and bad sentiments that will pass with time and can easily be overcome.

As much of the globe depends on Asian manufactured goods and their manufacturing, etc., an economic crisis would be the worst thing a Japanese businessman could experience.

It is almost as though Japan is heavily dependent on the business of other nations for them to function sustainably.

1. Guyana

Guyana is at the top of the list of nations with the highest suicide rates simply because it is well-known across the world that its citizens pass away at an alarming pace.

As rude as it may have sounded, it is true.

Guyana has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, both for the usual causes (many of which were already stated) and more so for some peculiar ones.

Depression, rape, poverty, chronic or incurable diseases, unemployment, intermittent civil conflict, familial and societal problems, discontent with oneself, etc. are problems that Guyanans must occasionally deal with.

The most shocking reason which tops everything discussed thus far why the rate of suicide is so high in the above countries is that the suicide rate in Guyana has skyrocketed due to acts of witchcraft.

A significant cause of mental diseases is the use of spiritual "powers" by individuals to influence and control the minds of those they are seeking.

These "powers" are strong enough to cause people to say or do things they would normally never do or say.

Witchcraft and folklore have grown to be divisive worldwide phenomena on most of the continents of Africa.

Over time, scientists, psychologists, and other experts have worked to combat the strangeness and influence of folklore and witchcraft.

The findings of their analysis of how well it affects the typical person's mind and body are quite unsettling for the faint-hearted.

Witchcraft, however, appears to be the main cause of suicide in Guyana, outpacing all other factors.

This is because people whose minds are controlled by paranormal beings or spiritual forces tend to be destructive and eventually commit suicide to avoid harming other people.

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