Ten Must-Watch Korean TV Dramas, Series

Ten Must-Watch Korean TV Dramas, Series

Whether you’re looking for gripping drama, thrilling action, or sweet romance, there’s something for everyone in these Korean TV Dramas and Series.

Korean movies no doubt have recently dominated the movie industry to the extent that some of these Korean movies supersede some Hollywood and Bollywood box office movies. 

It makes a lot of sense that this is happening because the Korean movies industry has dedicated itself to churning out first-class movies that can compete with any other blockbuster movies out there. 

Another great reason why people should watch Korean movies and TV series is because of how interesting and fluent the Korean language is. 

Immersing oneself in the language is one of the greatest ways to learn Korean, but depending on where you live, it may seem like a hefty order. 

With our top recommendations for Korean dramas on Netflix, you can hear native speakers communicate and gain a greater idea of how the language is used in practice.

Below are ten must-watch Korean TV dramas and series in 2023

1. My Name

Release Year: 2021
Tomatometer: 100%
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thriller

This compelling crime thriller follows a woman determined to avenge the death of her mafia father. 

To do this, she joins a gang and then infiltrates the local police department under a fictitious name, where she is teamed with a young narcotics investigator. 

My Name is a pleasure for any fan of criminal dramas, with a dash of film noir-like aesthetic and hard-hitting battle sequences.

2. Crash Landing On You

Release Year: 2019/2020
Tomatometer: Audience Score Only – 98%
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Crash Landing On You may be exactly the ticket if you're seeking romance with a dash of drama. 

This lovely, heartwarming, generally lighthearted story follows a South Korean heiress who is unintentionally blown beyond the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and into North Korea, where she is taken in by a gorgeous soldier until she can return home. 

The romance show became the third highest-rated K-drama in cable television history, and you can watch it all on Netflix!

3. Signal

Release Year: 2016
Tomatometer: Audience Score Only – 100%
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy

This dark and thrilling crime thriller with an interesting twist will appeal to fans of Broadchurch and Sherlock. 

Signal depicts a criminal profiler in 2015 who discovers a walkie-talkie that allows him to speak with a police investigator from 1989 across time. 

After their conversation leads to the successful resolution of a cold case, the profiler, Park Hae-young, is assigned to a newly established cold case team - but rapidly discovers that changing the past has consequences for the future. 

It's a superb show that follows each character's path with amazing acting, great writing, and a nice amount of suspense.

4. Single's Inferno

Release Year: 2021 to Present 
Tomatometer: Audience Score Only – 46%
Genre: Reality, Dating Show, Survival

Ignore the negative reviews. If you like reality TV, Single’s Inferno is a must-watch. 

The show is, in essence, Survivor meets Love Island. Singles are left to survive on a deserted island – but, if they find someone to shack up with, they get to leave the island and go to ‘paradise’, luxury accommodation with everything they could want. 

Those who can’t find a date are left to compete with each other and fend for themselves on the island.

If you’re sold on the premise, you’ll enjoy the show. If reality dating shows with a sadistic twist aren’t for you, then keep scrolling.

5. All of Us Are Dead

Release Year: 2022 to Present 
Tomatometer: 87%
Genre: Teen Drama, Horror, Zombies

The blockbuster zombie drama All of Us Are Dead follows a group of teenagers stuck in their high school. 

After a scientific experiment goes awry, the students gradually realize they're stranded in the middle of a zombie epidemic, and no one is coming to pick them up after class. 

It's revolting. It's bloody. It's engrossing and occasionally thought-provoking. It's also entertaining for horror aficionados. 

Fans of Battle Royale and The Walking Dead will like this brutal thriller; however, don't try to eat spaghetti or chilli while watching it.

6. Squid Game

Release Year: 2021 To Present
Tomatometer: 95%
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Survival

The show that launched Korean shows on Netflix into new living rooms worldwide, Squid Game is a brutal yet thrilling drama series with heart. 

It set records when it came out in 2021, reaching number one in Netflix’s top 10 in 94 different countries, including the US and UK. 

The show centres around contestants on a game show that recruits people in debt and offers them a tantalizing prize – but that prize comes with a deadly cost. 

If you haven’t watched Squid Game yet, it’s an absolute must-watch for anyone interested in the best Korean dramas on Netflix – and has already been renewed for a second season.


7. Mr Sunshine

Release Year: 2018
Tomatometer: Audience Score Only – 94%
Genre: Political Drama, Historical Drama, Romance

Eugene, a man born into slavery in Joseon in the 1800s but escaped to the United States, returns to the country as a U.S. Marine. 

There, he meets and falls in love with the granddaughter of an aristocracy who has been engaged to a nobleman since infancy. 

The thrilling, epic plot revolves around their star-crossed love, which is intertwined with historical events and political intrigue. 

Though reviewers advise you (right) to take this depiction of historical events with a grain of salt, it's a terrific way to learn about Korean history through a show that will have you on the edge of your seat.

8. Our Blues

Release Year: 2018
Tomatometer: Audience Score Only – 94%
Genre: Political Drama, Historical Drama, Romance

Another popular Korean drama, Our Blues is a nice and poignant, understated story that follows the daily lives of people on Jeju Island. 

While less dramatic than some other famous K-dramas, this realistic, melancholy series depends on a diverse array of people to portray life's big and small events - picture This Is Us meets Love.


9. Kingdom

Release Year: 2020
Tomatometer: 96%
Genre: Political Drama, Period Drama, Horror, Zombies

Based on a Webtoon, Kingdom surprises and enthrals at every turn, well-deserving of its critical acclaim. 

At once a 16th-century period piece, a political intrigue, and a gory horror series, Kingdom follows a sick king and his son, the crown prince, who start investigating the strange illness that has made the king sick only to discover that a deadly epidemic is ravaging the kingdom. A zombie epidemic

10. Alchemy of Souls

Release Year: 2022
Tomatometer: 97%
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Action 

The series is set in a fictitious country called Daeho and follows the love and growth of young mages as they battle their twisted destiny as a result of a forbidden magic spell known as "alchemy of souls," which permits souls to transfer bodies.

It tells the story of an exceptional warrior named Nak-su, whose soul is mistakenly trapped inside Mu-deok's frail body. 

She becomes involved with Jang Uk, a nobleman, and becomes his servant and master, teaching Uk her skills as they both fall in love.


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