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  • Updated: December 05, 2022

Ten Smartest Countries In The World

Ten Smartest Countries In The World

Determining which countries are the smartest in the world is difficult because there are so many different factors that can be considered.

However, according to a study done by Wiqtcom Inc, a Finnish organisation, Asian countries are the most intelligent countries (smartest) with the highest Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

The organisation has been involved in studies to determine the intelligence of countries around the world since 2019. 

What Is Intelligence Quotient? 

The intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a measure of intelligence.

An IQ test is designed to measure a person's cognitive abilities, including problem-solving skills, abstract thinking, and general knowledge.

Below are the top 10 smartest countries in the world based on the Intelligence Quotient ranking. 

10. Vietnam: Average IQ- 108.89

Vietnam makes it to the list and is placed in the 10th position, the score obtained by Vietnam is 108.89.

It has the second lowest standard deviation among the top 10 countries. It is the only southeast Asian country on the list.

9. Finland: Average IQ- 109.14

With a score of 109.14, Finland comes in 9th position on this list.

Its success is attributed to a strong educational system and highly qualified teachers who make Finnish workers the most productive on the planet.

8. Serbia: Average IQ- 109.81

Serbia is another European country which is scoring high on IQ.

It scored 109.81 on the test which is marginally higher than the score of Hungary.

7. Hungary: Average IQ- 110.41

The small country of Hungary is home to some of the most intelligent people on the continent of Europe.

It is one of the smartest nations in Europe with a score of 110.41. This is a result of Hungary's strong educational system.

According to some studies, the Hungarians' high IQ was a result of their language's distinctiveness.

6. Hong Kong: Average IQ- 110.72

It is well known that iodine plays a significant role in the development of mental ability, and studies suggest that Hong Kong's high intelligence results from a diet high in iodine.

The excellent educational and medical infrastructure in Hong Kong is also essential for raising IQ.

Hong Kong receives a test score of an impressive 110.72.

5. Italy: Average IQ- 110.79

Another European nation that is included in the list of those with the highest IQs is Italy. Math and technical knowledge are strong points for Italians.

It performs admirably on the test, earning 110.79. Italians made up the majority of the earliest polymaths, including Galileo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

According to the study, Italy is the most intelligent nation in Europe.

4. Iran: Average IQ- 110.9

Iran is a surprise inclusion in the top 10, scoring 110.90, just below Taiwan which comes in third place.

An 11-year-old Iranian girl who achieved the highest score of 162 on the Mensa IQ test, as well as Maryam Mirzakhani, a gifted mathematician and the first woman to win the Field Medal, speak volumes about Iran's accomplishments in the fields of mathematics and education.

3. Taiwan: Average IQ- 110.96

Due to its intelligent population, Taiwan has made significant progress in the world.

It currently controls a significant portion of the semiconductor market, which is made possible by the people of Taiwan's intelligence.

It comes in third place behind South Korea and Japan with a score of 110.96.

2. South Korea: Average IQ- 111.09

South Koreans are intelligent because there is a strong emphasis on getting good grades and marks, to the point where applicants are only taken into consideration for jobs if they have excellent overall scores.

In South Korea, a significant portion of your intelligence is determined by numbers.

It makes sense that the population would need to change and improve their skills given the pressure to perform.

With a test score of 111.09, South Korea ranks as the second most intelligent nation in the world.

1. Japan: Average IQ- 112.54

According to the study used for curating this article, the Japanese came in first place on our list with a score of 112.54.

Although studies have shown that Japanese people are adept at solving problems, the findings cannot be applied generally. 

Japan is renowned throughout the world for the high calibre of its automobiles, motorcycles, and other advanced electronics.

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