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  • Updated: January 06, 2023

Tesla Finally Introduces Rounded Steering Wheel For Model S, X

Tesla has begun to offer customers the choice of a circular steering wheel for the Model S and Model X, apparently giving up on the idea of exclusively selling vehicles with the contentious "yoke" steering wheel.

The "yoke" butterfly steering wheel on the new Model S that Tesla unveiled caused controversy. Some people expressed concern over the wheel's real design, while others expressed an issue over the lack of a drive stalk to select the drive mode.

"Yoke" butterfly steering wheel

Customers also have options if they already purchased a Tesla Model S or X with a yoke and don't like it. 

Marques Brownlee, a YouTuber and Tesla owner noted that the business is currently providing a $700 option to replace the yoke with a circular steering wheel. 

Only Model S and Model X automobiles equipped with a Yoke Steering Wheel are compatible with this upgrade.

Installation through Tesla Service is included in the purchase price. "Tesla notation The wheel has "no stalks or shifters," is added.

The yoke caused controversy among Tesla supporters since many thought it was difficult to operate with one hand and uncomfortable while moving slowly.

Some owners also think it may be dangerous if you need to make sudden manoeuvres like a skid recovery.

Another change that some drivers don't like is that Tesla replaced all the stalks with force touch buttons when the yoke was introduced.

However, as was already observed, the new wheel option lacks any stalks or shifters as well, and the style appears to be inspired by the yoke in terms of spoke placement, buttons, etc.

Elon Musk simply said "No" when asked in a tweet in 2021 if Tesla will provide a circular steering wheel as an alternative to the yoke.

He continued by saying, "Yet another circular wheel obstructs the view and is uninteresting.

"With a yoke, FSD appears much better in panoramic mode."

Evidently, enough prospective purchasers had different opinions.


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