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  • Updated: January 10, 2023

The Four Bestselling Technology Solutions In 2023 For Businesses

The Four Bestselling Technology Solutions In 2023 For Busine

From the perspectives of technology and business solutions experts, it is of utmost interest to think ahead of industry egg-heads and help chart their business courses for the year. 

This initiative is imperative for four reasons: 

  • Every year businesses must reposition themselves and align with trending technologies and solutions with the potential to wield lasting positive impacts upon the business bottom lines.
  • Optimization, arguably the most appealing trending business buzzword, can mean a minimalist approach to the use of resources resulting in maximalist dividends. Contemporary technology tools and business solutions seek to optimize business operations such that corporate targets are exceeded.
  • Strategic alliances: More than ever before, enterprises are teaming up with others sharing their business goals, dreams, culture, and strengths. This is because the mantra, 'No man is an island' also applies to businesses.
  • Data-powered remote work culture and self-paced workforce capacity development via e-learning platforms

It is to give more actionable advice and to inspire business leaders into prioritizing what this piece is directed. 

Today, we will consider below what qualifies as the 5 best-selling technology solutions in 2023 that can accomplish corporate objectives when imbibed and implemented.

The Sweeping Metaverse Wave Heralding The Future Internet

Metaverse is a term that represents a future state when the Internet transforms into a spatially (3D) immersive digital world where human beings relate with one another like in the real world.

In the metaverse world, human agents (wearing sensory gadgets like head gears, e-facemasks, etc.) will be represented by avatars.

Although the reality of an ultimate metaverse world may be presently hazy, digital protagonists like Mark Zuckerberg and web3 platforms like Decentraland or Sandbox see the metaverse in terms of a final virtual and augmented reality or blockchain-based, decentralized internet respectively.

One may not be wrong to opine that it is in recognition of metaverse potentials that Mark Zuckerberg kickstarted its campaign by changing the Facebook brand to Meta.

Interestingly, other tech giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Google, etc. as well as all manner of large organizations in industries from banking to fashion, entertainment, and video gaming have jumped on board. 

Imagine A Technology-driven World That Is Digitally Editable 

Does this sound rather spooky? Well! Relate this to liposuction technology where anybody can 'edit' their body makeup through plastic surgery.

This is the summary of the metaverse world with an ever-evolving potential for digitally recreating anything in the physical world.

Can The World Now Gush Over High-level Trust Factor Ushered by Blockchain?

Until recently, ensuring high-level trust involving two online business parties only involved payment processors like banks, Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill, etc.

However, the advent of the blockchain, encryption best practices, and its crypto technology is revolutionizing all of that using anti-fraud and payment verification services that is arguably 99.9% failproof, perhaps.

Crypto technology and encryption help us to trust the safety of allowing businesses to store and process our financial information. 

Nevertheless, the centralized nature of these systems still portends compromise should the companies providing them fail to have our best interests at heart. 

The Ubiquitous AI

Currently, it might seem as though the world is dangerously agog with the hype of artificial intelligence or AI for good reasons probably.

Only those neither aware nor using AI would not notice a thing about it.  

Considering the fact that, knowingly or unknowingly, everyone now uses smart algorithms every time they surf the net, navigate during travels (thanks to geospatial tools), shop online, etc., AI is impacting our lives heavily and positively. 

In an apparent corroboration of the AI utility, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, describes AI as “more significant than fire or electricity” when appraising its potential impact on human civilization. 

Connecting Up A Smart World The IoT Way

The Internet of Things (IoT) is another technology buzzword that attempts to tie all the other concepts in one place.

In the world of automation, I/O units (input, output units) represent the sensors and networks (hands, eyes, veins, arteries, etc.) employed by the microcontroller (or processor) to coordinate the entire system for desired results.

Thus, the IoT is the network of connected sensors, devices, and infrastructure for gathering the data necessary to build the metaverse, train intelligent machines, implement new dimensions of digital trust, and create digital twins. 

2023 is set to witness greater applications of IoT in our daily lives including deeper machine-to-machine interactions, installations of applications, smart gadgets, and appliances at home and workplaces.

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