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  • Updated: March 24, 2022

'Till Death' Review: Megan Fox Subverts The Damsel In Distress Trope In This Suspenseful Thriller

After shaking off a rather slow start and an uninteresting beginning, Till Death morphs into an engaging thriller with a nail-biting finale.

Directed by S.K. Dale (in his directorial debut) and starring Megan Fox in the lead role, the film sees a married woman named Emma fighting the blistering cold while trying to outwit two vicious invaders after finding herself handcuffed to her dead husband.

The plot is unique in that it explores the protagonist trying to get herself out of an almost impossible situation. In doing so, it rubbishes the frequently portrayed 'damsel in distress' trope as Emma is not your typical helpless lady.

Even in death, the deceased mocks his partner, subjecting her to inhumane treatment; something that makes her despise him even more.

When it comes to this genre, one shouldn't really expect character development. Emma is as uninteresting as she is wooden for the first half of the film but her fight to stay alive makes the viewer root for her.

The villain is menacing enough to make him a genuine baddie but his accomplice makes irrational decisions and suddenly grows a conscience just when they are about to get what they came for.

Fox's acting goes from dreadful to watchable, the other actors play their roles well (with the exception of the dead husband who can't quite decide between an English and an American accent), and the finale is anything but disappointing.

Megan Fox in TILL DEATHMegan Fox in TILL DEATH

Till Death is for those who just want to watch something purely for entertainment purposes without having high hopes. While there is nothing extraordinary about it, it makes for a pretty decent flick.

If the viewer can endure the first thirty-five minutes, then he/she will be well-rewarded for the second and final acts.

Rating 6.9/10.

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