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  • Updated: October 11, 2022

Top 10 September Movies That Buzzed In Nigeria

Top 10 September Movies That Buzzed In Nigeria

The past month was a rosy one for movie lovers across Nigeria and the world in general. This article gives us the top 10 movies that buzzed in Nigeria for the month of September.

When we talk about entertainment in Nigeria and the world in general, what comes to our minds no doubt is movies, music, travelling, and sightseeing amongst others.

However, one of the most basic forms of entertainment that we as fun-loving humans have come to grow fond of is the movies being released by the entertainment industry.

Movies have a way of soothing the mind (depending on the type of movie anyway).

In Nigeria, movies have become a lifestyle, culture and even a way where we Nigerians get to relieve our minds and soul from all the anxiety that comes as part of being a Nigerian. 'The tori don dey too long?' Okay, let's get to it already.

In descending order, below are the top 10 movies that got us on the edge of our seats in Naija for September.


Gone are the days when the world and Nigerians themselves sleep on Nollywood movies.

You will all agree with me when I say the Nollywood Industry is here for good and ready to give any movie industry in the world a run for its money.

Anikulapo tells the tale of Saro, a man who looking for a greener pasture. However, due to the course of events and his relationship with the king's wife, his life is altered and his fate changed.

The film has a rating of 5.1/10 on IMDb and a 79% audience score on rotten tomatoes with a 0% rating on TOMATOMETER.


Blonde is a movie that is fictionalized based on the deceased female celebrity, Marilyn Monroe.

It comes out as a bit of a tragedy, however, it is worth every penny and time while pacing your mood on a rollercoaster of different emotions.

The movie takes advantage of Marilyn Monroe in the same way that so many other men did during her tragically brief life.

Perhaps that's the idea, but it presents an absurd contradiction to decry the suffering the celebrity faced before passing away at age 36 while yet rejoicing in it.

Blonde has a rating of 5.6/10 on IMDb, 42% on TOMATOMETER and a 32% audience score rating on rotten tomatoes.


Okay, this one will catch the attention of Bollywood movie lovers like myself and will change the perception of movie lovers who don't fancy Bollywood movies because this particular Bollywood movie is a BOMB!

It is a three-part film series and the start of the Astraverse, India's first original universe.

It is a brand-new, original cinematic universe with epic storytelling of fantasy, adventure, good vs. evil, love, and hope that is set in the modern era and features never-before-seen visual spectacles.

A young man is on the verge of an epic love affair with a girl by the name of Isha. But when Shiva discovers that he has a secret link to the Brahmastra and a powerful ability within him that he is only beginning to understand, their world is flipped upside down.

Brahmastra has a rating of 5.6/10 on IMDb and it has a 48% rating on TOMATOMETER while amassing a whopping 69% audience score on Rotten Tomato.


The nostalgic feeling of the 1950s way of life came rushing back like an ocean wave all thanks to this masterpiece of a movie.

In See How They Run, plans for a movie adaptation of a popular play in the West End of 1950s London are abruptly abandoned after the murder of a crucial crew member.

When world-weary Inspector, Stoppard (Sam Rockwell) and eager rookie Constable Stalker (Saoirse Ronan) take on the investigation, the two are thrust into a perplexing whodunit inside the glitzily seedy theatre underground and must investigate the strange homicide at their own risk.

IMDb has a rating of 6.7/10 for this movie, Rotten Tomato audience score gave it a score percentage of 69% and TOMATOMETER gives it a rating of 73%.


Who wouldn't go head over heels for an action movie starring Viola Davis as the protagonist? Okay, we don't need to answer that, let the movie do the answering.

The Woman King tells the extraordinary tale of the Agojie, a group of all-female soldiers who, in the nineteenth century, fiercely and expertly guarded the African Kingdom of Dahomey.

Inspired by actual events, the plot follows General Nanisca's (Oscar winner Viola Davis) emotionally arduous journey as she prepares the next generation of recruits for combat against an adversary set out to annihilate their way of life.

On Rotten Tomatoes, The Woman King has a 99% Audience Score rating, a 95% TOMATOMETER rating and it has a 6.5/10 rating on IMDb.


Tyler Perry has a way of getting us to want more and more even when his movies won't stop fiddling with our emotions.

Yes, you guessed right, A Jazzman's Blues is one of those movies.

The film reveals 40 years of secrets and deceit in the south during the investigation of an unsolved murder in this scintillating story of forbidden love and family drama.

IMDb rating - 6.7/10, Rotten Tomatoes audience score - 85% and it has a TOMATOMETER rating of 68%.


We have got the first and only series of this countdown. Fans of Lord of the Rings will affirm the adventure, suspense, thriller and action that comes with the movie trilogy. The series itself does not disappoint.

The epic legends of Middle-legendary earth's Second Age are brought to the big screen for the first time in The Rings of Power.

It is rated 6.9/10 on IMDb, TOMATOMETER gave the series a rating of 85% and Audience score on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 38% score.


Horror movies sure have a way of getting under our skin, leaving us in fear, and suspicious of our surroundings, while making sure we are keen on knowing what horror will be unfolding in the next scenes.

Smile is a thriller that will get you on the edge of your seat from the first scene to the last scene.

In the movie, Dr Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon) begins having terrifying experiences that she can't explain after seeing a strange, tragic incident involving a patient.

Rose must face her troubled history to survive and leave her terrifying new world as an overwhelming horror begins to take over her existence.

Smile has a rating of 6.9/10 on IMDb while amassing a 79% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 78% score rating on TOMATOMETER.


Our second horror movie for the September top 10 movie countdown makes it to the top 2!

I told you, horror movies sure have a way of giving us all the action, thriller, suspense and fear we want to see in a good movie.

Georgina Campbell, who plays the role of a young woman arranges to rent a house while heading to Detroit for a job interview.

But when she gets there in the middle of the night, she finds that a strange man is already residing there and that the apartment is double rented.

Against her better instincts, she decides to stay the night, but she quickly realizes that there is much more to be concerned about than just an unanticipated guest.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience score rated this thriller 70% score, IMDb rated it 7.6/10 and TOMATOMETER rated it 92%.


Surprised to see a Nigerian movie topping our list of top 10 movies for September? Oh, don't be.

Initially, we already settled the argument of how the Nollywood industry has raised the bar.

Brotherhood is that movie that gives you everything you desire in a brilliant movie. action, comedy, suspense, fear, thriller, and plot twist. A must-watch for every fan of the movie industry.

In the movie, the parents of twin brothers Wale (Falz) and Akin (Tobi Bakre) are assassinated on New Year's Day while returning from a crossover church ceremony, leaving the boys orphans.

After years of battling for survival on Lagos' streets, the brothers end up on opposing sides of the law: Akin joins an infamous gang of thieves, while Wale joins the police.

As Wale joins a Police unit that is looking for Akin and his gang, the ties of brotherhood are put to the greatest challenge.

Brotherhood has a rating of 8.6/10 on IMDb.


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