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Tourist Attractions To Visit In Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, is no doubt one of the wealthiest cities in Nigeria, with a reputation for hospitality and a friendly ambiance, all of which make it a perfect tourist attraction in Nigeria.
According to the city's master plan, Abuja's identity is conspicuously defined by Aso Rock. Below are some interesting places to visit in the Nation's Capital.

Karu Waterfalls

Karu waterfalls
Karu Waterfalls is a three-layered waterfall tucked in the suburb of the Federal Capital Territory with numerous rolling hills, a fascinating environment, a cool atmosphere, and all that nature offers. This is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Nigeria and definitely one of the places to visit in Abuja for hiking, sightseeing, and lots more.
Located along Abuja Keffi road around New Karu in Nasarawa State, Northern Nigeria, Karu Waterfall is a popular hiking spot in the north. It is, however, not characterized by the heavy gushing of water.

Jabi Lake

Jabi Lake is arguably Abuja's most well-known lake. This 1,300-hectare lake is a man-made body of water initially created to provide for the residents of the FCT but later became a tourist location and fishing spot after the Usuma Dam was built.
There is a recreational park attached to the lake called Jabi Park, which is a common spot for picnics, casual family outings, and outdoor sports. Activities available to indulge in include boat and kayak rides across the lake.
Jabi Lake is a popular go-to-place that families with kids and tourists flock to.

Jabi Lake Mall

One of Abuja's most celebrated and popular malls is attached to Jabi Lake, which is probably where its name emanated from. You can access the lake from the mall's ground and basement floors.
The lake provides a beautiful, scenic waterfront backdrop to the mall. A winding lane/pathway at the edge of the lake is a great track for long walks or jogs, with cool metal structures in human form on the lake's grassy banks, adding a funky, quirky touch to the stunning landscape.

Jabi Lake Mall and the surrounding Jabi Park are lovely places to watch the sunset. The best view of the lake is from the upper-level balcony of Jabi Lake Mall. Besides, the Jabi Lake Mall as the lake's backdrop- (from the park side), provides an interesting fusion of the modern and the organic and the urban and the natural.
The lake's calmness and serenity are ideal for relaxation.

Millennium Park

This park was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth ll on December 4, 2003. It is located near the former Presidential Palace close to the nucleus of presidential and administrative buildings of the city.

Millennium Park was conceived and designed by an Italian architect identified as Manfredi Nicoletti. It has quickly become one of the main attractions of the city of Abuja bringing thousands of people together each day. A river crosses the park in its main rectilinear axis, dividing it into two parts.

One side of the park is dedicated to uncontaminated nature. In a system of terraces at different levels are Nigeria's mountain, vegetation, savanna, forest, and brushwood as well as greenhouses for butterflies and tropical birds.

The other side, corresponding to the main entrance from the road, is dedicated to the scientific knowledge of the natural environment. This part of the Park has a very traditional and rigid Italian Style Garden Layout. Entering the Park, a rectilinear path completely paved with Roman white travertine brings the public into its green areas.

A series of fountains run alongside this white mark refreshing the public during the hottest days. This path visually links the enormous Cotton Tree, situated on one side of the Millennium Park, with the Aso Rock of Abuja.

The path layout is based on a trident geometry separated by huge polygonal pools. The roads are crossed by a series of multicolored bushes going from yellow to red with a very particular wave-like course.

Zuma Rock

The rock is an iconic attraction in the capital city which is one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. It is proudly printed in one of the Nigerian currencies. It is a huge rock, famous for the face of a god on one side.

Because it is located on the main road along Abuja to Kaduna, it is sometimes called "Abuja Gateway."

Usuma Dam

The dam is located in a very peaceful area away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a nice and serene environment. You can hike the mountain, go fishing or canoe riding, set up a picnic with your friends, take nice pictures and just soak in the view.

Usman dam is the main source of water supply within the FCT and its environs, owned by the Federal Capital Territory Water Board with a total investment estimated at £60million ($99million).

Located at Ushafa in Bwari along the Duste-Bwari road in the northwestern part of Abuja. The dam is 25 kilometres from Abuja City Centre along the Dutse-Bwari road on the Kaduna highway; and 6 kilometres away from Bwari. The dam itself is 1.3km from the main gate. A perfect location for hiking.

National Mosque

National mosque

The Abuja National Mosque, also known as the Nigerian National Mosque was built in the early eighties when a group of prominent local Muslims decided to request the construction of a national mosque and to contribute to the project with donations.

The construction work was entrusted to AIM Consultants Ltd and ended in 1984. A beautiful edifice, with four minarets about 120 meters, and a central dome of 60 meters. The building includes a library and a conference room.

The complex also includes a conference center able to serve five hundred people, the office of the Islamic Center, and residential facilities for imams and muezzins. The mosque is located in the Independence Avenue, in front of the National Church of Nigeria.

National Ecumenical Centre

 Ecumenical center

Also known as National Christian Centre, the National Ecumenical Centre is one of the largest Christian centers in Abuja. The center displays remarkable work of architecture and excellent work of craftsmanship. The striking church edifice represents the neogothic style of work.

Visitors to the center can see the pivotal arches leading to the altar. The altar is placed in the central point in the church and devotees can complete a rotation in about just 10 minutes.

The windows have colorful stained galls windows in red, green, and yellow. The centre organizes every Christian ceremony and is open to the public on days other than public holidays.

Guided tours are also available at the centre and the trained guide help visitors move around and get to know more about the history of the construction and the style employed in the construction of this beautiful edifice.

The Building of the National Assembly

The building of the National Assembly has a rating of 3.49 among the top hundred attractions in Abuja, Nigeria.

One of the most significant monuments of Abuja is the building of the National Assembly. Construction modeled on the federal Congress, guarantees equal representation of all parties, despite the numbers and sizes in the premises.

The National Assembly is made in the neoclassical style. Its characteristic feature is a huge spherical dome with a diameter of 3 meters, as well as two symmetrical areas with polygonal roofs, located on the second tier structure.

The structure is also characterized by a plurality of rectangular windows of different sizes. The exterior of the building is dominated by soft green and white tones. On the ground floor, with the main staircase is a neat little balcony with a gazebo.

Just outside the building of the National Assembly is a symbol of independence and unity, presented in the form of a raised clenched fist hand holding a spear. In general, the construction looks harmonious and attracts tourists.




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