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  • Updated: July 05, 2022

Toyota Tsusho Partners With Quantum Machines To Provide Quantum Solutions

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Lawrence Agbo
Lawrence Agbo

Lawrence is a vibrant journalist that loves creating SEO-focused content that drives businesses. ...

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A member of the Toyota Group that provides a wide range of products and services to countries all over the world Toyota Tsusho has collaborated with Quantum Machines, providers of ground-breaking quantum control solutions to provide Japanese customers with cutting-edge quantum technologies.

The partnership will enable Toyota Tsusho customers to integrate comprehensive quantum technology and create quantum capabilities in the future.

Numerous industries, including mobility and transportation, chemical materials, finance, and more, will undergo radical change as a result of the development of quantum computing.

The current necessity to regularly reprogram and repurpose hardware that wasn't created with the special demands of quantum computing in mind limits the pace and quality of quantum progress.

The major supplier of the actual "brain" of quantum computers, known as control and operation systems, is Quantum Machines (QM).

The company's Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP) contains the most cutting-edge classical hardware and software for managing multi-qubit quantum processors.

Any QPU architecture currently in use can be supported by QM's OPX+, enabling customers to run even the trickiest quantum algorithms right out of the box.

Toyota Tsusho, an early proponent of quantum technologies, has been creating enterprises that use quantum computers since 2017.

Through this cooperation, Toyota Tsusho and QM are able to acquire cutting-edge quantum control solutions that support their long-term objectives and quantum computing aspirations.

Toyota Tsusho has a distinctive insight into its customer ecosystem.

Co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines, Dr Itamar Sivan said "Quantum technologies hold immense potential for the future of many industries, but not every company has the capacity to develop the infrastructure to support their quantum computing ambitions.

"Our partnership with Toyota Tsusho will enable organizations to take advantage of quantum technologies to develop new quantum-based solutions that disrupt their industries, without the need to reinvent the wheel, dramatically shortening the time to market."

"Our goal is to provide our customers with new technologies and value propositions constantly," said Kazunori Mori, a general manager at Toyota Tsusho.

"Partnering with Quantum Machines is a natural fit for our mission and will provide our customers with access to crucial quantum computing technologies that have the potential to reshape entire industries moving forward."


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Lawrence Agbo
Lawrence Agbo

Lawrence is a vibrant journalist that loves creating SEO-focused content that drives businesses. ...

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