The countries of Turkey and Qatar have reached an agreement to ensure security at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan amid ongoing talks with the Taliban government.

According to the Daily Sabah, Turkish diplomatic sources said on Thursday that following the August takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, Turkey has said it would be open to operating with Qatar, but only if its security demands are met.

Reuters also reported that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) also held talks with the Taliban to keep the airport operational.

The sources said that Turkey and Qatar had agreed on a security framework for the airport mission, but added that talks continued on other aspects such as financing.

It added in a statement on Thursday that delegations from Qatar and Turkey have held two days of intense negotiations in Kabul this week over control of the airport.

Qatar's state news agency said the Taliban government will be in Doha next week to complete discussions with Qatar and Turkey over the operation and management of the airport.