Video: Mr Macaroni Comes For Critics In 'What Has Govt. Done For You?'

In what appears to be a response to criticisms, following his "what has government done for you?" tweet, Nigerian actor and comedian Debo Adebayo popularly known as Mr. Macaroni has highlighted the basic responsibilities of the government.

AllNews reports that days ago, Mr. Macaroni took to his Twitter page to say that the government has done nothing for him.

“Honest question: Since you were born into this country, can you mention one thing that the Government has done for you? Personally, I can’t mention one. I don’t know about you,” he wrote.

His claim was backed by some followers, while it did not sit well with some who tagged him an ingrate while highlighting some activities of the government.

However, his new skit which is a solo project sees younger Mr Macaroni and his older version arguing on provisions made by the government.

The older Macaroni, who played the father, made reference to the 70s and 80s when there was free education, healthcare among other things.

The younger version of him was quick to state that those are the basic amenities should provide, adding that it should not be praised for that.


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