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  • Updated: Feb 26, 2021

VIDEO: This Popular Nigerian Radio Presenter Almost Killed Me With Sex - Ex-Husband (ICYMI)

VIDEO: This Popular Nigerian Radio Presenter Almost Killed M

One Alhaji Sharafdeen, an ex-husband to Alhaja Kafilat Kaola, has insinuated that the popular radio presenter is a sexual addict.

'Alhaja Kaola' presents the Islamic programme 'Albayan with Alhaja Kaola' on Fresh FM, Ibadan, and has been embroiled in controversy with her former husband.

Alhaja Kaola is accused of snatching her sister, Maryam Rufai's husband. However, the broadcaster denied all accusations against her person.

In an online broadcast before her former husband's rejoinder, 'Alhaja Kaola' had criticised Alhaji Sharafdeen, suggesting she did so much for him while they were together.

"This woman has two major problems," Alhaji Sharafdeen who is believed to be based abroad said recently in an online interview with Alif Dawah Lectures.

"She so much loves sex.

"Secondly, she is greedy when it comes to money. She drains her clients who embark on pilgrimage to Mecca.

"This Alhaja almost killed me with sex.

"When we go to Hajj (annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia). And I come back from Tawwaf (the ritual of circumambulating the Kaaba seven times as part of the hajj in Mecca), she wouldn't let me rest till the next Tawwaf.

"I usually tell her that excessive sex can lead to pregnancy damage. She'll tell me I'm not correct, to continue.

"When it is not that I called for the service of a prostitute. We do have sex like five times daily.

"Sometimes during sex, blood will discharge from me because I'd have exhausted my sperm.

"There was one day, during Ramadan. I had just concluded my Qiyam Al Layl (means spending the night, or part of it, reading the Holy Qur'an, remembering God and other acts of worship). And I was taking a nap. Wallahi talahi thuma billahi, it was this Alhaja that spoilt my fasting by orchestrating sex, coming on top of me.

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"I told her this is wrong. But she argued that it is allowed."

Meanwhile, amid the cheers and jeers that followed his 'leaks', Alhaja Kaola's ex-husband on Wednesday apologised "to all Muslims worldwide" for his outbursts.

While maintaining all he said was the truth, he insists he was pushed to the wall by his ex-wife to voice out.

Watch below from 53:00:


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