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  • Updated: June 25, 2021

What Does It Mean When You Are Wearing An Armour in a Dream?

What Does It Mean When You Are Wearing An Armour in a Dream?

Armour is a mental covering formerly worn by soldiers or warriors to protect the body in battle.

The armour in a dream represents the need to be protected or to protect someone else. A dream that one is wearing armour or putting on armour is a sign that one is feeling vulnerable. Armour indicates that in life one must become vigilant and careful.

Armour could represent one's defence mechanisms. It could be the things that one uses to protect one's self from others (e.g., denial and repression). The meaning of armour in the dream is that something is having a realistic influence on the dreamer's life and it requires a reaction.

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Many dream dictionaries point to armour as being associated with hiding away from the world. Generally, armour is seen when one has had a breakup or feels the need to protect oneself. Many dreams can feature armour that is either medieval or ancient in style. 

Who is wearing the amour

If one wears armour, this is associated with being reserved in waking life. To see other people wearing armour is a suggestion that other people are putting their guard up in life. A dream that features the dreamer wearing the armour can indicate that the dreamer is overly focused on being protective and not allowing external elements into their life.  The armour protects one in war; this can be a symbolic dream meaning one wants to step away from others. Maybe because of abuse or things like that. The armour is connected to one heart and emotions.

Wearing armour in one's dream can also indicate that one has a big ego and sometimes people think one can be quite arrogant. What one's dream is trying to tell one is to keep focusing on the good things.

Armour on a stranger

What does it mean to see armour on a monster or something not human while the dream subject is been attacked? This dream can be a sign that one has placed a barrier between oneself and the rest of the world.

The spiritual sign of armor expresses the spirit of knighthood, defence, and the desire to protect and be protected. Wearing armour also symbolizes that one is afraid that others will attack or feel silenced by negative feelings.

Armour in a dream can have the positive meaning of being protected, while negatively, it can bring an emotional shield that prevents individuals from opening up and sharing themselves. It also means that one is protecting oneself from circumstances that could hurt one. This dream is a good sign because one knows how to avoid any negativity.

A warning

Dreaming that one wears armour is a warning that means that one should be prudent to be successful. If the dreamer dreams of taking off the armor, it usually indicates danger. It means that there will be some difficulties that will be surpassed. Wearing armour in a dream means protection and defense.

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