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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Sex?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Sex?

Sex dreams include having sexual activities like sexual intercourse, lovemaking, sleeping with someone in dreamland. 

Sex dreams are less about the people who appear in them and more about the role those people play in the dreamer's wakeful lives or what they stand for in their current life situation. Sex in dreams depicts need and desire. It mostly points to what needs to be added to the dreamer's life to make it tick smoothly or it may indicate what the dreamer feels they need, their desire at the present time. this interpretation works because is mostly about acting on desire. Dreaming about having sex is a way for one's subconscious mind to unpack everything that's affecting one's life, and often, dreams about sex aren't literal. Instead, they could symbolize problems, desires, and hopes in all facets of one's life. Having sex dreams does not suggest in any way a sense of dissatisfaction with one's relationship or one's sex life.  

Also, sex in dreams could often be a symbol of union. A way of embracing something that is outside the realm of one's experience and knowledge while integrating it into one's reality. Sex dreams can also be symbolic of profound self-love and acceptance.

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Sex dreams can easily be connected to things going on in one's life and are usually more complex, reflecting one personal desire and fear. It can also be about a release of tension or fulfilment of a physical desire. One may not actually be attracted to one's dream lover in waking life, or one's dream experience maybe with an unknown person. The sexual drive is a basic animal urge and to explore these feelings within a dream context should not be cause for guilt or alarm. One may find that sex dreams provide satisfaction at a time where one feels lonely or unappreciated in one's intimate life and these primal urges express themselves through one's dream.

What if it is a scary sex dream? Sex nightmare probably has a lot more to do with your own insecurities. When you dream that your partner is having an affair, it may mean that you’re losing faith in your own abilities or attractiveness. A sex dream about someone in a position of authority like the dreamer's boss, community leader or even the president could be a sign that the dreamer needs to get better at taking control of their own lives and your affairs.

If you dream of having sex with an ex-lover of yours, it does not mean that you still have leftover emotions for them, something that is often misinterpreted. Dreams involving one's ex are a common type of sex dreams that people have. Dreaming about one's ex means that one is missing what that person represented and not the person. People often compare their current relationship with previous ones, seeking what they had in the past. Such dreams only symbolize this desire. It means that the dreamer's life needs a spark of life. It needs to be revitalised. so instead of rushing to the ex, all that the dreamer needs to do is to spice things up on the current relationship, especially with some of the good sides of the old relationship.

What if the dream is about having sex with someone one absolutely despises? Chances are that the dreamer is trying to explore common grounds between the two. The dreamer is subconsciously looking to connect or come to terms with the dream subject. It could also mean that there is something about that person that is secretly desired and the dreamer wants the qualities, job, talent, or looks direly.

Having sex in a dream can mean many things, like the Taoists Yin and Yang, it can be an energy exchange whereby the dreamer wants a quality that that person has. And it depends on how one feels about sex; some people see it as pure pleasure or wanting to feel desired. For others, it can mean security and stability. Or it can mean love. so all these come into play in interpreting sex dreams. 

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