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What It Means When You Dream Of An Attic

An attic is a space or room just below the roof of a building. It is often a place of exploration, and sometimes a great deal of sexual feeling is hidden in it. 

The attic is a common dream setting, and dreaming about an attic can mean several different things. Understanding this dream symbol can give one a lot of insight into how one will feel about current situations in one's life and what might be the best path of action to take. To see a cluttered attic in one's dream is a sign to organize one's mind and thoughts. 

An attic in the dream reflects hidden memories and emotions that are being stored. It symbolizes one's chaotic but brilliant mind, one's spirituality and the connection one has with one's higher but hidden self. A house in one's dreams often represents ourselves or how one portrays ourselves, and so the attic is an extension of this house. When one thinks of the attic as being “above” and “higher” it can give one great insight into what this dream symbol could possibly mean.

To dream of an attic represents things one thinks that one doesn’t respect or intentionally neglect. Anything or anyone in the attic symbolizes what it is that one doesn’t respect. An “out of sight or out of mind” attitude about something in one's life.

Negatively, an attic may be a sign that one is intentionally neglecting something or someone until it serves one. Taking a risk disregarding something important.

To dream of one being in an attic may reflect waking life situations where one is intentionally and needlessly isolating oneself from people. Feeling intentionally neglected or that people don’t think one is important. Accepting one's like someone who never needs to matter. Example: A man dreamed of being inside his attic. In waking life he had a demanding boss whom he regularly lied to and spoke ill of behind his back.

If one dreams of being in an attic, then in reality one lives with illusions. For a young woman's dream in which she sees herself sleeping in the attic, meaning that in real life she does not find joy in their classes. 

Attic, being an upper room, shows one has lofty aspirations that one will have much difficulty with but will win out to one's goals after an extended period of time. If the attic is well-appointed and brightly lit, then one will have luck with either love or matrimony. The attic can also represent the mind, and if the attic is chaotic this will be a sign telling one to organize one's thoughts for better living.

Spiritually, an attic is simply one's conscious development and connection with the energy of this universe. If one is not a spiritual or religious person, think about this as expanding one's consciousness or becoming more aware of the energy present in the world. One may be wishing to connect with a source of creative energy.

Attics can sometimes be a source of many forgotten and abandoned treasures. These “treasures” in a dream are often memories and old feelings we may have had at one point in our lives. It can also reflect stored hidden memories similar to a shed. However, it usually portends to how one is ready to let those memories revealed and seeing the light of the day


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