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What It Means When You Dream Of Silver

Silver is a precious shiny grayish-white color that exhibits the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and reflectivity of any mental.

Around since the early civilizations, silver was often considered more valuable than gold during ancient times. It has become a valuable metal because of its whiteness and the rarity of silver. Batteries, keyboards, iPhones, lights all contain silver.

Silver seen in a dream is considered to be a symbol of the moon, purity, strength, health. To see silver in one's dream refers to a strong-minded man, a skillful woman, getting rid of harm, going through hoops. The dream symbolizes good news, happiness, and celebration. Silver may also indicate old, but precious memories,

Silver money featured in a dream is an omen of plenty but coupled with heavy responsibility. However, to dream of silverware suggests that one may be ignoring the spiritual side of life in favor of the materialistic.

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Spiritually, silver is said to represent the feminine aspect, gold being masculine. This came initially from the gold of the sun and the silver of the moon. Metals were thought to be ‘reflections’.The dream also indicates that a spiritual awakening is likely to occur; there may be some revelation about the purity of your spiritual lifestyle.

To dream of getting a sliver, represents annoyances or frustrations about small issues that the person has to be extra careful about removing from one's life.

The color silver in dreams is symbolic of intuition, luck, or coincidences. One's intuition or internal guidance helps some people to make choices to lead them to what they need in life, including new insight, power, or freedom gained by chance. To dream of silver objects represent one's sense of intuition or luck that is associated with whatever the objects symbolize.

Negatively, silver may be a sign that one has bad luck or feel that nothing seems to work out for one.

To dream of silver-colored clothes represents the personality being lucky or intuitive. Negative colors with silver-like red, black, or dark purple may reflect bad luck that one can't escape. The reason why silver represents intuition is because of the color of the moon and the moon's tendency to make people feel lucky or unlucky.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful woman in a silver dress. In waking life he was having unusual luck running into girls he wanted to date.

To see a silver bracelet in one's dream refers to good, happy news, and prayer will be accepted. Many people that are married and dream of a silver bracelet, this dream means they will have a boy.

If it was polished silver and one can see one's reflection, the dream may be inviting one to take a step back and reflect on one's progress. If it's a dream featuring shimmering silver, one's unconscious may have been highlighting subtle, feminine characteristics associated with silver and the moon, such as intuition.

In some cases, a dream that features silver may tell the dreamer of some ambition or aspiration. Try to notice what type of silver appeared in the dream.

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