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  • Updated: Oct 27, 2020

What You Thought About University Education Vs What You Realised After University

What You Thought About University Education  Vs What You Rea

Many Nigerian youths have dreams about the perfect jobs they would love to be doing after school. Some even stay stuck in this dreamy mental paradise before realising that university education in Nigeria sometimes does not guarantee your getting the perfect job. This is partly due to harsh economic conditions in the country and also due to a lack of marketable skills on the part of Nigerian graduates.

In as much as the Nigerian educational system is steadily on a decline as a result of less practical skills that can be made applicable outside of the four walls of the classroom, Nigerian graduates have also contributed in a way to the unemployment rate in the country because of their inability to expand their horizon by adding practical skills to their formal education.

With the incessant strike actions by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the tussle with the Federal Government, the youths and Nigerian students, in general, have once again, like always, been caught in the middle and are forced to stay back home. The only bright side to it is that forward-thinking Nigerian students can use the vacuum created to learn practical skills or digital skills while they await resumption.

With every passing year, the chances of graduating from university and instantly getting a job let alone getting a good job are constantly dwindling as Nigerian universities keep churning out young graduates hoping and deluded that white-collar jobs are awaiting them. 

They graduate only to realize that the stakes are a lot higher than they think. Some adapt by learning practical skills like tailoring, while others open up their own cosmetics and makeup brands, others send out CVs in the hopes of getting that perfect job.

The male graduates being faced with much pressure from family members and friends and the need to be independent eventually take up any job that comes their way so as to stay afloat. Some join technical schools to learn practical skills that could have been learnt in the years while they were in school.

The smart ones who were frowned at for taking up small businesses and learning extra skills while in school adapt faster and most of the time make headway quicker than their inexperienced colleague who was dreaming of the perfect job all through school.

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In today's Nigeria, entrepreneurship, acquiring of digital and practical skills relating to your course of study cannot be overemphasized. It is crucial that every Nigerian youth must be prepared to be an entrepreneur. Every Nigerian youth should realize that going to the university is more than just getting a degree, it is a defining time that can make or mar the future. A few skills like crypto trading, digital marketing, book writing, and other practical skills would go a long way in branding yourself for the future before graduation.


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