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  • Updated: February 03, 2023

Why Buhari Has Anti-Tinubu Elements In The Presidential Villa

When this piece is published, governors under the ruling All Progressives Congress APC would have met with President Muhammadu Buhari to discuss the challenges Nigerians face over the scarcity of the naira notes, the anti-Tinubu plot in the vila, among other issues.

The governors will also discuss allegations that some of Buhari’s kitchen cabinet members are working against the party’s presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has been bold on the front.

In three days, he appeared in three different TV programmes to publicly accuse some elements within the Presidential Villa of working to frustrate Bola Tinubu and his presidential push.

But why can’t President Buhari spot the bleeper himself? After all, he is Nigeria’s national administrator. 

With due respect, Mr President could be a sincere, innocent soldier trying to rewrite his history as a fosterer of democracy after formerly haunting it.

He lacks the nuances of politicking and party politics and now it seems the inadequate knowledge has come back to haunt him.

According to Governor El-Rufai, the fifth columnists are very close to the president. They frustrate his plans but appear like messiahs.

The president does not have the requisite psychological intelligence to differentiate his friends from enemies. 

The president’s wife, Aisha Buhari, cried a few years ago that some individuals had rebranded his husband from whom she used to know.

She and her husband had wanted to be administrators three different times but failed.

When they later got the chance, Buhari likely got misled by some individuals he thought would help him actualise his plans. 

No two ways about it; the anti-Tinubu elements didn’t get to the villa today. They had been around marauding the president and the presidency.

This is why most of the time, we hear the presidency say something without hearing from Mr President himself. 

Buhari has become too docile with his internal subgroup.

To be president of the most populous black nation with groundbreaking success, you must be very authoritative and unflinching.

But Buhari is not, considering what we see in the media. 

Indeed, he will have powerful groups sabotaging his successor’s efforts because the saboteurs initially frustrated Mr President’s efforts without any repercussion. 

How do you explain that the merger and the politics of numbers that ushered Buhari and the APC into Aso rock have made him administratively incapacitated? 

Politics is a game of numbers, as they say, but the APC, in their quest to get political power entered “a seeming personality cult” with some individuals who were not ready for a better Nigeria. 

According to El-Rufai, the naira redesign was never in the plans of the APC as a party. But the “anti-Tinunu elements” sold the naira redesign to Mr Buhari, who he took hook, line and sinker.

It says nothing except that Buhari’s camp has influential people who came into Aso rock through the back door.

The anti-Tinubu elements are so powerful and influential that they could pounce on the docility of Mr President and the distance of the APC governors to undermine the chances of Tinubu if he ever has any. 

It is uncertain if the meeting will yield any fruits because apart from President Buhari being very docile and innocent, he is intentionally rigid and inflexible.

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