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  • Updated: December 14, 2021

Why Chadwick Boseman's Brother Wants Black Panther Role Recast

Derrick Boseman, the brother of late star Chadwick Boseman, wants the role of the Marvel superhero Black Panther recast despite the studio saying otherwise.

Boseman will always be remembered for portraying the character who has since become an inspiration and role model to many black American youths, and since his passing, Marvel Studios has made it pretty clear that they won't get another actor to continue playing the part.

Fans have been clamouring for the role to be recast and Derrick Boseman agrees with them, saying that it is something his late sibling would want.

Derrick Boseman and the late Chadwick Boseman

TMZ reports that Derrick spoke with them and explained that Chadwick thought T'Challa was bigger than just him as one guy, adding that he was aware of the character's power and influence.

According to Derrick, there is so much power in audiences seeing a black king, especially one who is a superhero, and Marvel killing off the character because of his brother's death means they are depriving black kids of a role model.

Speaking further, Derrick said that there are few positive influences for black children nowadays and he is of the opinion that hip hop glorifies certain societal ills; something Marvel has a chance to change by bringing T'Challa back.

Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa/Black Panther

He went on to disclose that his own nephew told the family that he wants to be a scientist after being inspired by Black Panther. 

Even though Chadwick never specifically made his wishes about the character known before his demise, Derrick believes his brother would stand with fans in expressing their wish of seeing Black Panther continue to live on in the MCU.

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