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WWE Crown Jewel 2021 Highlights & Results [Video]

Taking place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the WWE Crown Jewel had superstars put their bodies on the line in a bid to entertain thousands of fans.

One of the most highly-anticipated matches of the event was the face-off between the Universal Champion Roman Reigns and the returning Brock Lesnar. It was indeed short of glorious.

See the major moments and results below:

Edge vs Seth Rollins (Steel Cage Match): The Rated-R superstar looked to teach Rollins a major lesson in the torturous steel cage chamber dominated in the early goings.

Rollins took control of the match before long and it was then a matter of which man could come up with the most devious way of putting his opponent down for the pin.

The Beast Slayer made good use of a steel chair, hitting Edge repeatedly with it. The latter managed to avoid a strike and locked his rival in a deadly submission hold which Rollins escaped from.

After a long bout in which both men had to go to really dark places, Edge used Rollins' own stomp against him, pinning him to stand victorious.

Result: Edge defeats Rollins

Randy Orton and Riddle vs AJ Styles and Omos (Raw Tag Team Championship Match): Riddle made quite an entrance as he mounted a camel to the arena while his partner walked down the side.

With the 7'4 giant at his side, Styles looked confident as he started to dish out beatings to Riddle but Orton was tagged in and his dominance was temporarily halted.

Omos and Orton squared off and the latter easily shrugged off his opponents offensive strikes, dishing his own to subdue the viper.

Thanks to some impressive teamwork from Orton and Riddle, they overcame the odds as the latter successfully pinned Styles to retain their championship titles.

Result: Randy Orton and Riddle defeat AJ Styles and Omos

Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley: After Lashley's assault on his son, Goldberg finally had a chance to exert revenge on Lashley as the two clashed in a falls count anywhere match.

Lashley wasted no time in making sure his opponent tasted his fury, giving the WWE Hall of Famer a vicious beatdown he wouldn't forget in a hurry.

Goldberg finally got his opening when Lashley's spear missed him, sending him (Lashley) crashing through a table. The veteran returned the gesture with a spear of his own and a jackhammer soon after.

Goldberg maintained his offensive momentum and despite Lashley's two cronies showing up, he swept them aside, delivered a thunderous spear outside the ring to pin Lashley for the three-count.

Result: Goldberg defeats Bobby Lashley

Finn Balor vs Xavier Woods (King of the Ring Tournament Match): Both competitors seemed evenly matched in this energetic contest until Balor's tenacity started to shine through.

Woods equally gave as much as he received, fighting back and depriving Balor of a golden opportunity when he evaded a coup de gras.

In the end, it was Woods who got the win after his determination and willpower proved too much for his opponent.

Result: Xavier Woods defeats Finn Balor

Big E vs Drew McIntyre (WWE Raw Championship Match): These two superstars faced off for the first time as the challenger looked to reclaim the title he lost a few weeks ago.

The bout lived up to expectations as both men gave everything in the race to victory. Just when it seemed McIntyre was having the upper hand, the champion came back to give his opponent a run for his money.

Motivated like never before, Big E knew he had everything to lose and fought like a true champion, matching McIntyre's offensive strikes with his own. He almost pinned McIntyre but the latter raised his shoulder at the last second.

McIntyre got a claymore and laid on the champion for the three-count but was denied as the latter kicked out. Big E then launched his own series of attacks and successfully executed his finisher to get the much-needed pin.

Result: Big E defeats Drew McIntyre

Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks (Triple Threat Raw Women's Championship Match): Unarguably three of WWE's most talented female superstars, the three women battled one another for the ultimate price as fans cheered them on.

After several back and forths in which each of the competitors had their shining moments, Lynch was thrown out of the ring. leaving Banks and Belair to continue the fight. The champion returned and the free for all continued.

After several truly exhilarating moments, Lynch used the ropes to her advantage and was able to score the pin to retain the title.

Result: Becky Lynch defeats Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar (Universal Championship Match): Two of the best superstars to ever grace the ring went toe to toe in the biggest match of the day.

Not one to give even the slightest chance to his opponent, Lesnar wasted no time in attacking the champion but the latter was ready and was able to fend off the strikes to return the offense with his own.

The champion took control of the match, keeping Lesnar down in what was a rare sight in the wrestling circuit. But the Best Incarnate dodged a big spear and changed the momentum of the contest. He then took Reigns to suplex city several times.

Reigns survived a pin and as Lesnar attempted to dish out a second F-5, the champion locked him in a tight headlock, wearing down the slightly bigger man. But lasted only for a time as Lesnar found a way out of it.

While the referee was down, the Usos interfered and Reigns hit Lesnar with the belt score the win and retain the title.

Result: Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar

Watch the full highlights below:


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