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Top 8 Apps to Enhance Your Life as a Working Professional

By AllNews Nigeria
March 15, 2022

We all want to improve ourselves for the better continuously. Moreover, that includes many aspects of it, including our professional life. It might seem difficult and daunting, but you can make your working life better with the help of technology. Read along as we serve you a list of the best mobile apps to support you as a working professional.

If you’re looking for an app to do both task management and note-taking, Notion is your answer. This hybrid app is loved by many for its flexibility. It’s possible for users to do many things with their Notion dashboards. Manage files, schedule tasks, set reminders, and many more with this versatile app.
Notion is a good start for those who want to be more organized. Its clean and simple interface is also open for customization, allowing you to adjust it to your needs and liking. Notion is suitable for personal use, although collaboration is also possible. Download this super helper of an app right away—it’s available on iOS and also Android phones.

The concept (and the name) of this app is pretty straightforward: it’s a to-do-list app. Todoist lets you jot down your tasks in the app, so you don’t need to remember (and forget) them in your head. Download it on your phone to use it for your maximum productivity. You can add tasks right whenever you get them, along with the reminder and deadline.
Todoist is helpful both for personal and professional use. The app has helped millions of people in managing more than 1.5 billion tasks in over 150 million projects so far. Its features attract many companies including Amazon and Facebook, to use Todoist as their productivity booster. Install the app on your phone and see its awesomeness for yourself.

Distractions are everywhere, and they kill productivity. Notifications from our phones can be tempting for us to check and leave us less time to do our responsibilities. Worry about that no more when you download Forest.
Forest is an app that forces you to focus by disabling notifications from other apps. Not only that, but you also can’t use any other app during the focus time. Set how long you want to focus for, and every time you finish a session, you get a tree in your virtual forest. You can even plant a real tree with the premium subscription!


        Source: Forest official website

Managing your money is not always a piece of cake, especially when you have too many things to take care of. It’s really easy to spend money on things we don't actually need unconsciously, and by the end of the month, we wonder where all the money goes.
Prevent that from happening with Mint. This app transforms your phone into your finance manager, where you can track all your expenses and income there. However, it’s more than just a cash flow monitor; you can also track your loans and investments. Mint can also remind you to pay the bill every month.

Whether you work in the office or from home, communication with your teammates sometimes faces some challenges. Emails are great, but it has limitations when it comes to real-time work collaboration. Slack can help you and your team with this issue.
Slack provides a simple interface that looks like a regular chatroom. What makes it powerful is that you can set up chat rooms or ‘channels’ for different purposes. Slack is also integrated with lots of online services, making it an even better app to boost your productivity.

Networking is a crucial part of our working life. You can’t grow by keeping you all to yourself. Connecting with fellow professionals might open you up to new potentials: knowledge, inspirations, and even opportunities.
You can start your networking journey with LinkedIn. It’s a social media platform for professionals, where you can connect, message, and share a lot of things with each other. You can find like-minded people from various fields here. LinkedIn also has a learning platform with many interesting topics to dive into.

Internet is a great free resource of knowledge. Sometimes we come across a great article, or a friend might send you an insightful video about something. However, it’s easy to lose these links for many reasons: maybe the timeline gets refreshed, or the chat is drowned with thousands of others.
Introducing Pocket: an app to save things for later. Keep interesting things you randomly find on the internet with just one tap. Then, when you finally have some free time, revisit those links, and read them in a clutter-free interface. You can also organize them the way you like in Pocket.


 Source: Pocket official website                                                                                                                                  

Minute Workout
Being professional in your working life doesn’t mean that you can neglect your health. After all, a healthy body is what supports you to be up and running. It’s good to stop taking health for granted before it’s too late.
Keep your body fit with bite-sized exercise sessions from 7 Minute Workout app. You can choose a different set of exercise moves made for different fitness goals, from toned abs to better sleep quality. It might seem insignificant, but consistency can give you an unexpected result.

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