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  • Updated: May 08, 2021

Google News 1 May-8 May 2021: 5 Latest Google News Roundup For The Week

Google News 1 May-8 May 2021: 5 Latest Google News Roundup F

Welcome to the AllNews roundup of the 5 Latest Google News that made the round during the week.

Google Lenient Policy To Let More Staff Be Remote

Google has released an outlined plan that gives its employees more flexibility to work from different locations or entirely from home, as it prepares for a return to the office after the pandemic.

Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai outlined the plan to staff in a note on Wednesday morning. The influential Silicon Valley giant, one of the first to send employees home in 2020, has slowly opened its offices but said its employees can work remotely until September. Read more here.

Google Offers Developer Scholarships For African Start-Ups

Google has announced its support for the Africa tech start-up ecosystem with empowerment capacity and developer scholarships as it opened up applications for its 6th Class of the Google for Startups Accelerator programme recently.

At a virtual event to introduce the initiatives, Google hosted key industry players, policy leads, start-up executives and investors in a bid to help drive the growth of Africa’s tech ecosystem. Read more here.

Google Collaborate with Siemens On AI Manufacturing Solutions

Google Cloud and Siemens have signed an agreement to optimise factory processes and improve productivity on the shop floor.

Siemens plans to combine Google Cloud’s leading data cloud and AI/machine learning technologies with its factory cybernetic solution to help manufacturers innovate for the future. Read more here.

Google Introduces Useful Keyboard Shortcut

A quick modification to Google.com on desktops now lets users quickly “jump to the search box” with a convenient keyboard shortcut. It’s particularly useful for refining your original query.

The search field on a result page will open by pressing ‘/’ and allow users to start typing. The cursor appears at the end of your existing/current query as suggestions load underneath for quick selection with your arrow keys. Read more here.

Google Updates Wear OS Play Store Page

Google Inc. has hastily renovated the dedicated Wear OS Play Store landing page giving more prominence to featured apps and watch faces on the wearable platform.

The new changes happened very fast in less than two days after a quick glance on the Wayback Machine, and the older Wear OS Play Store landing layout looks to have live until at least April 14. Read more here.

These are the latest Google news that made trends during the week. Visit our website https://allnews.ng for more Google news around the world.


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