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  • Updated: November 11, 2020

How Alta Semper's Chidi Okoro Used Police To Intimidate HealthPlus Employees

Alta Semper-appointed Chief Executive Officer, Chidi Okoro, has reportedly vowed to change the locks to the office of HealthPlus as the foreign equity firm tried to take over the Head Ofice. Alta Semper and the founder of HealthPlus, Bukky George, have been at loggerheads, with the foreign PE making decisions to unseat her as CEO.

The confrontation between Alta Semper and George led to Alta Semper appointing Okoro, but George has moved against the appointment, stating that it wasn't backed by HealthPlus. Alta Semper is the major investor in HealthPlus, but despite having a majority stake, HealthPlus has a company code in appointment and sacking of senior employees, which Alta Semper had ignored in the appointment of Okoro.

Okoro Allegedly Used Police To Intimidate HealthPlus Employees

In a recent development, armed police officers alleged to have been arranged by G4S Secure Solutions Nigeria, accompanied Okoro, an unnamed IT expert and HealthPlus Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Ernest Eguasa, to takeover the Head Office. According to a source quoted by The Cable, Policemen were said to have forced their way into the company's compound, seizing company laptop and intimidating employees at work.

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“They eventually forced their way in and went straight to the IT department in an attempt to seize control of the systems of the business. The staff of the IT department was, however, refused to hand over the passwords,” the source said, adding that a staff was forced to unlock her laptop, while that of a graphic artist was seized.

“Okoro placed the company’s security manager under duress, insisting that he dismissed the security officers from Prudential Guards who protect all company premises. Okoro forced the security manager to sign an undertaking but he refused." It was learnt.

“Staff were eventually allowed to leave. The armed policemen and staff of G4S were left behind. They also, on the orders of Okoro and Eguasa, promised to return with carpenters to change all the locks to the offices.” The source said. A month ago, Alta Semper had also tried to takeover HealthPlus.

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George Put House On Collateral To Fund HealthPlus

George, who owns 48.9% of HealthPlus Africa Holdings, said she put up her house as collateral when Alta Semper failed to provide funds as agreed. AllNews had reported that George accused Alta Semper of hoarding funds which was the basis of their partnership in 2018, to run the operations of the company.

She said Alta Semper refused to provide funds in order to reduce the value of HealthPlus, and allow Alta Semper acquire the pharmaceutical company at a cheap price, "When the funds stopped coming, I had to put my house as collateral, and my personal guarantee is also collateral too. Apart from the money they invested, they don’t have much to lose, but I have everything to lose. When the funding never came, I invested my life savings,” she said according to Nairametrics.

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